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Avondale Gifted Magnet Program Info Night

April 3, 2018

GTOpenHouse 2018

Does your child crave learning, but can’t get enough in the traditional classroom?

Having issues with boredom, spacing out, or acting up because he already knows the material or the pace is too slow?

Are you worried your child isn’t learning to work hard, overcome obstacles, or recover from failure?

The Avondale Gifted Magnet Program, open to students entering grades 2-5 in all of Michigan, may be the rescue your child needs!

These innovative classrooms use project-based learning to meet each child where they are and move them forward at their right pace. From helping Twice Exceptional students with their learning disabilities to providing instruction six years ahead in math, students receive the curriculum they need to be challenged and grow academically.

Built into the classroom culture are opportunities to develop the unique social and emotional characteristics of gifted children. In a classroom that values all, students respect each others’ different passions, abilities, quirks, and struggles. They find friends to share their interests with and learn about overcoming the pitfalls of perfectionism, disorganization, poor executive skills, and other challenges facing gifted individuals.

Attend Thursday, April 12, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM to learn about the program; talk to teachers, students, and parents; and tour the classrooms. There is no commitment in attending, but you can submit an application at the session.

Woodland Elementary is at 6465 Livernois Road in Troy, MI and the presentation will begin in the media center. This free school of choice program is open to students entering second through fifth that reside anywhere in Michigan. Application dates are from April 9 to May 9, 2018. For more information, see

My child attends and I believe in this program!

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