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New Superintendent: Fred Clarke

March 25, 2011

After extensive interviews and zero minutes of deliberation, the Rochester Community Schools has chosen to extend an offer to Mr. Fred Clarke to be the next Superintendent of Schools.  The deliberations began with each member writing down their choice on a piece of paper.  It was unanimous for Mr. Fred Clarke.

Mr. Clarke is currently the Superintendent of Albion Public Schools, where he has served since 2007.  Prior to that he has bee involved in administration in Champaign, IL; Longview, TX; and Fort Bend, TX school districts.  He began his career in education as a high school science teacher for four years.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Education, Curriculum, and Instruction from the University of Houston.  He is working on a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University, expected May 2013.  His dissertation is on the impact of schools of choice on small urban districts.

The Board of Education cited Mr. Clarke’s strengths in consensus building, vision, articulation, preparedness, positivity, data-driven approach, technological knowledge, experience, and intellectualism in different size districts as the reasons for their decision.

Welcome to Mr. Fred Clarke as Rochester Community School’s new Superintendent!

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