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10 Myths about Gifted Education

May 19, 2011

Here is a wonderful video created by gifted students Mythbusting some of the common myths about gifted and talented programs.  I encourage you to watch it and pass it on!

Top Ten Myths in Gifted Education

Top Ten Myths in Gifted Education Video

View the video at or click “Read More of this Post” to watch it on Rochester SAGE.

Hat-tip to Alex “Sandy” Antunes at Science 2.0.  The video and more from Alex in the complete post…

Another couple of great columns by Alex are When Smart Kids Fail and Myths of Gifted Education.  Alex also linked to an article with tips on motivating underachievers for teachers and parents.  Many of us know that gifted students left unchallenged can soon become underachievers.  Some become afraid to take risks because they feel trying something and failing will show that they aren’t as gifted or smart as people believe.  And so the gift becomes a curse.  It is our job as parents and advocates to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Together we can make a difference for gifted students!

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