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Spotlight on Giftedness – July 2011

July 28, 2011

A collection of news articles regarding gifted children and education for July 2011

Advocating for the Gifted Student
Five tips on how to be an effective advocate

“Parents need to become the primary advocates for their gifted and high-ability learners,” Burling said. With more and more gifted programs disappearing from schools, it often falls on parents’ shoulders to ensure that their children receive an appropriately structured education — and they can start by following these tips.

1. Learn about giftedness. Doing some research will help you answer the question: “Is my child gifted?” There are many characteristics of gifted students that schools may misinterpret, and specific behavioral patterns that may develop when gifted kids are not allowed to thrive in appropriate environments.

2. Become a parent-advocate. Especially when resources are lacking, parents are their children’s best advocates. Working proactively and constructively with educators is often necessary to ensure children’s needs are being met. Seek out allies within the district who understand your child and can speak on his or her behalf. Be willing to talk to everyone in turn, from your child’s teacher, to the school principal, to the superintendent and school board, if necessary. (read more)


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Gifted boy seeks to learn, but where?
Parents try to cobble together an education for their son profoundly gifted in science

Parents of Gifted Children Say Schools Could Do More
Connecticut parents band together to help their schools understand gifted children and implement appropriate programs

Gifted Children-Inspiring people all over the world, it’s Gifted Children (video)
Gifted children speak out about their experiences

How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of EducationKhan Academy
Wired Magazine’s article on self-paced video learning and how it allows many children to excel in math

An Open Letter to Parents, Teachers and Others: From Parents of an Exceptionally Gifted Child
Gifted Education advocate Stephanie Tolan writes about her experiences raising a gifted child and challenges faced at the schools

Gifted and Talented People (and Programs) Need Help!
Psychology Today writes about talent at risk

A Sleepaway Camp Where Math Is the Main Sport
A New York program for developing giftedness in math (NY Times)

What Einstein, Twain, and Forty Eight Other Creative People Had to Say About Schooling
Is it humor or frustration?  Read these quotes compiled in Psychology Today and decide for yourself.

Michigan Youth Theater
A theater group for artistic students ages 12 and up looking for more than the ubiquitous musical theater can provide.  For more information contact robinjoan (at)

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