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Learning Opportunity – Stanford’s Open Enrollment Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)

October 11, 2011

Passing this along for Gifted In Michigan.  For more information, contact Amy and Melissa at

Gifted in Michigan has proposed a collaboration between the gifted children’s groups in Michigan for the joint use of Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Children (specifically the Stanford EPGY Open Enrollment Program):

In addition to Gifted in Michigan, the groups we’ve invited to join us for this opportunity include: Michigan Association for Gifted Children (MAGC), Farmington TAL, Rochester SAGE, and GT Resource Network.

The Stanford EPGY Open Enrollment program is a computer-based learning curriculum that offers K-7th grade math, including algebra, as well as language arts and writing from 2nd-7th grade levels. Children may work through the curriculum as quickly as they wish. The program is “smart”. It recognizes when a child needs more help on a topic or has mastered a topic, and generates appropriate questions accordingly.

The Open EPGY Open Enrollment program is flexible and allows the children and parents to decide how many sessions they will complete and when.  Some students may choose, for example, to do one 20 minute session a day of math, and one 20 minute session of writing, three days each week. However, students can do as many or few sessions per day/week as they wish. If a child progresses through the courses quickly, they go on automatically to the next level or grade. In theory, if a child was to complete the entire series of course in one term, then that is absolutely allowable in the program.

The regular Stanford EPGY Program is priced per class, and at $495 per course, that prices many families out of the program. Also, to enroll in the regular EGPY Program, one must have proof of giftedness.  However, with the unique opportunity we are proposing, our members will be able to take advantage of the EPGY Open Enrollment Program for a greatly reduced price.  A student may enroll for 5 months at $95 + $25 registration fee or a student may enroll for 10 months at $135 + $25. The cost is the cost per student. The $25 registration is a one-time upfront fee as long the family renews their membership before their term is up.  Requests for refunds of the tuition must be received in writing within 21 days of enrollment. No refunds will be issued thereafter. The $25 activation fee is non-refundable.

Students may work through the material at home, and/or work on a computer at school, as long as they receive permission from the school staff.

Amy Simko has volunteered to act as the School Support Associate for our groups. Amy’s son Hayden has already been using the program for some weeks now, so she is becoming familiar with it. Amy will be responsible for approving each student’s membership.

Would you like your child(ren) to participate? We need a minimum of 8 families, between all our groups, signed up on the application in order to apply.  Information needed is Parent’s name, zip code, email, and number of EPGY students in the family that will participate.  Please submit your information by November 18th if you do decide to participate to

Thanks so much for your consideration! We really think this program could benefit many young children in our groups!


Amy Simko and Melissa Jenkins

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  1. February 20, 2015 5:24 PM

    Update: is now the new home of Stanford University EPGY. For more information on updates to EPGY courses, please visit

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