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They Made a Difference for Gifted Children

April 17, 2012

Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can. − Carol Ann Tomlinson

Please add your story!  It can be about how a teacher or program made a difference for you or your kids.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up in May and I wanted to give readers a chance to honor individuals or programs that made a difference for gifted children.  Many honorees will be teachers, but I wanted to leave it open to submit other individuals as mentors, parent volunteers, administrators, home-schooling parents, and many others make a huge difference too!  Please fill out the form on Rochester SAGE to honor someone who made a difference in recognizing and supporting the giftedness of a child – whether it was you, your children, or someone else.

I will compile the responses and share them during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Readers or honorees local to the Rochester, MI area may also be posted on my Rochester Patch blog.

Let’s show our gratitude for those who made a difference!

To honor more than one person, please fill out the form multiple times.

Thank you for reading Rochester SAGE.  Together we can make a difference for gifted children!

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