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Governor Snyder’s Team Seeking Input Around State

June 27, 2012

We need your voice, because together we can make a difference for gifted children!

Michigan governor Rick Snyder’s Office of Constituent Services is in the middle of a 60 stop tour around Michigan seeking input from citizens on topics important to us.  This is a great opportunity to speak to Michigan’s executive team about the need for gifted education legislation and funding, particularly in the elementary and middle school levels.

To find out date and times for mobile office hours near you, click the maps below.  No appointments are necessary, but I do not know what to expect for turnout and wait times.  I recommend bringing a one page summary of your concerns and proposals so that the governor gets your input correctly or in case you need to leave before a staff member is available.  I’ve listed a few suggestions below the maps (click “more”), but please add your own in the comments so that we can speak loudly together.  I suggest putting your contact information on the sheet if you are comfortable doing so.

More information is at

Week of June 18

Week of June 25

Week of July 9

Week of July 16

Possible concerns and legislation

  • No state definition of gifted student
    • Create legislation with definition
  • School districts are not required to identify gifted students
    • Require schools to test for giftedness upon parent’s or teacher’s request
    • Set up branch of Education Department equipped to identify gifted students
  • School districts are not required to educate gifted students at their academic level
    • Best practices for education funding should include educating each student at his/her academic level
    • Mandate gifted services in each district
    • Allow charter schools to specialize in serving gifted students
    • Tests should show student yearly progress, not solely if they meet grade-level benchmarks
  • No consistency in gifted education practices between districts
    • Create minimum standards for gifted education in each district
    • Create branch of Education Department dedicated to gifted education
    • Set up forum for sharing gifted education practices between districts
  • Many teachers do not understand needs of gifted students
    • Require course on gifted education for teaching certificate
    • Have gifted education professionals travel to districts for professional development days
    • Provide information on state website regarding gifted learners
  • Inadequate funding for gifted education
    • Mandate that parents can select to transfer per-student athletic funding allotment to gifted education services
    • Suggest districts share costs of interdistrict gifted magnet schools
    • Provide “Innovation Grants” to districts to increase gifted education spending

Thank you for reading Rochester SAGE.  Together we can make a difference for gifted children!

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  1. July 2, 2012 5:16 PM

    Thank goodness we have you as a watch dog! More power to you.

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