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Important! Parent Voices and Feedback Needed for District Strategic Plan

November 21, 2013

Dear valued parent,

Rochester Community Schools is sending out its Strategic Planning goals for public review.  This is YOUR chance for give YOUR input into the goals that will drive this district for the next five years.  We hope that you will take the time to fill out this survey.

As you are responding to the survey, one of the very important goals is on Instruction and Curriculum.  Please pay close attention to this goal.

If you feel it is important that Rochester Community Schools must meet the needs of every learner from special needs to high ability, it is vital that this statement be included in this goal.  Only the actual goal – and not the supporting statements below it – are binding on this district and require administration to implement it.

If you have struggled to have the needs of your child met or believe that Rochester Community Schools should ensure that every child grows academically regardless of their level, we need your voice!  Please fill out the survey requesting that the Curriculum and Instruction goal contain this language.

You can describe this in any way you deem appropriate.  If you are looking for some words, this could be termed as ‘instruction adapted to the level and pace of each student’, ‘individualized instruction’, ‘differentiated curriculum’ or another phrase that communicates that RCS will respect and accommodate the learning needs of each student to increase individual growth and allow them to progress according to their individual pace and level.

If you have struggled in our district with having your child’s needs met, please include your story to demonstrate why this language is vital and must be included in that goal.

Together we can make a difference for each and every student!

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