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Guest Post: Snappy Answers to Stupid Excuses (for Parents of Gifted Kids)

July 18, 2014

You won’t hear any of these excuses at the future Rochester-area charter school for gifted learners – – but until then, here are some great answers for when you don’t have Jim Delisle on speed dial!

Free Spirit Publishing Blog

By Jim Delisle, coauthor ofThe Gifted Teen Survival Guide

Delisle_Jim_FSP AuthorWhen it comes to understanding and serving gifted kids, school administrators run the gamut from awful to awesome—and I’ve worked with both types. The awful ones may talk a good game about how every child’s needs are met through individualized instruction, but the follow-through is lacking (or nonexistent), and the commitment to gifted kids as an important subset of learners is given little more than lip service. The awesome school administrators can actually point to specific programs and classes where gifted kids are grouped with each other regularly and tout the fact that only teachers who have professional knowledge of and experience with gifted kids instruct these intellectually able learners.

When you find that your gifted child’s school is being led by an awesome school administrator, your job as a parent is easy: Mention how particular programs or projects benefit…

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