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October 10, 2015 will be an amazing day!

April 29, 2015

be-excitedAdd October 10, 2015 to your calendar right now!  You will not want to miss this!  Something exciting is happening in East Lansing!  (It’s better than football!)

Only on that date can you participate in the Michigan Association for Gifted Children conference with one of the leaders in gifted education, a member of the Columbus Group, and the CEO of one of the most innovative STEM companies.  That’s right!  You get three amazing national speakers in one day!

I’m excited because this really is amazing!  Usually you have to go to a national convention to get presenters of this caliber!

Dr. Jim Delisle has authored over 15 books on gifted children and served on the board of NAGC, Roeper School, and several other gifted organizations.  He has taught gifted kids and spends two weeks each summer at Yunasa helping gifted learners understand themselves.  If you have a question on how to raise your gifted child, he has the answer!  In addition to an over two hour session on Parenting Precocious Kids, he is leading two other sessions.  Usually I would suggest attending all of his sessions, but it is going to be so hard to choose!

That is because Dr. Ellen Fiedler is an amazing speaker as well!  She is a member of the Columbus Group, a team of gifted experts and advocates that revolutionized the field of gifted education with their definition of giftedness.  The asynchronous gifted child is many ages at once and all of these ages need to be understood and supported.  The Columbus Group recently had a symposium in New Zealand, but, lucky for you, you only need to head to East Lansing to hear Dr. Fielder.  She is talking about the journey for the gifted adult.  Giftedness doesn’t end at graduation, so come find out what it means for your daily life.

But wait!  There’s more!  Richard Sheridan is the CEO of Menlo Innovations, the Ann Arbor STEM company everyone wants to work for.  Over 2000 people visited Menlo last year to find out about their radically different corporate culture – one centered around joy.  Mr. Sheridan’s ideas are creating the environments for your kids’ passions to be expressed.  He is one of the hottest speakers right now and you can see him at the MAGC Conference!  Bring your boss along and make your company better too.

Several other excellent speakers are presenting on stress management for gifted families and gifted children in a digital world.  The MAGC Conference is also a great place to meet other gifted families and for teachers to learn about gifted students.  Start your day with free continental breakfast, hang out with other gifted parents, educators, and advocates during a great free lunch, and then end it with a trip with your new friends to the MSU Dairy (sorry, not free).

Register now to travel to East Lansing to hear amazing ideas from Ann Arbor and Columbus, OH!  It will be one amazing day!

Thank you for reading Rochester SAGE.  Together we can make a difference for gifted children!

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