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Questionnaire: MI State Senate District 13 – AL Gui (R)

August 1, 2014

Rochester SAGE sent a questionnaire to each candidate for State Senate District #13. Here are AL Gui’s responses.


1)      Currently most gifted students in Michigan’s public schools are not being taught at their academic level.  As a legislator, what bills would you draft or support to increase gifted education?

Yes absolutely !  I’m a mathematics instructor who taught AP Calculus and college physics in a High school in Bloomfield Hills before teaching college. Of all  the candidates in the state senate race in district 13, I’m the only one who spent 16 years in the classroom.  So I clearly understand what you mean. I  had a female student who took AP calculus with when she was in 11th grade, she did great . Then I recommended at Oakland university  where she top Calculus II and calculus III.


2)      Gifted students make up about 5-7% of the population.  Should taking a class in teaching gifted students be part of becoming a Highly Qualified Teacher?  Why or why not?

I really do not mind that at least in mathematics, but I don’t  know what other teachers would think. I would need to hear forom them to have a more objective approach.
I taught in some high schools in Wayne county and have always encouraged principals to have at least  a calculus I  class or  an AP calculus class because Algebra II is kind of boring for some gifted students. Did they do it ?  the answer is NO. The sad part of all this  is in many schools (where students are failing, some principals would keep their buddy teachers on the school improvement team for years, when nothing is improving. This is a matter of concern. (and I’m not talking about our school  districts).


It even looks like the situation we are now facing in this election.

Our roads are bad, retirees pensions are being  taxed, college tuition is increasing at an increasing rate, and nobody did nothing in Lansing about it.  So why would someone send back to Lansing the very same people who created this failing status quo ?  That is why I say, it is time we send new people with new ideas to Lansing to make a real positive change. Let’s forget about those establishment politicians and elected someone new.

I ,  AL Gui     am the new guy.


3)      Schools often claim lack of funding is the primary reason they can’t provide gifted education.  Should the state allocate funds for gifted education?  Why or why not?

I’m for allocating funds and there must be a permanent oversight and accountability. We do not want  to see this money being diverted to some shadowy canals ( even if this does not happen in our schools in this senate district  13 it does not mean It can’t happen elsewhere in this state).

Also the lack of funding can  be related to the fact that  many students are  leaving a district due to an environment that is not conducive to learning.  Funding is not a panacea, and  school  administrators  need to support teachers instead  of threatening to get rid of a teacher when students with discipline issues are preventing other from learning.Let’s keep in mind  students should also be taught they are responsible for their own success and failure. I know it for having spent more than 16 years teaching mathematics , statistics and physics.

I’m for teaching moral values and personal responsibilities in K-12 .



4)      Should the state mandate identification or services for gifted and talented education in public schools?  Why or why not?

Yes, it could push other students to do better. If someone else has another opinion about that I’m willing to discuss.

I’m even for financially  incentivizing students success.  See



5)      Many parents of gifted children believe gifted charter schools are the best option for properly educating gifted learners.  Would you support gifted charter schools?  Why or why not?

It is always good to raise the standards without forgetting that different people have diverse abilities. People have different gifts. For this reason, yes  I’m for opening more opportunities to everybody  so that each student can excel.

A student may not be good when it comes to mathematics ,but he/she  can be an excellent writer or an excellent  drama  student.

My brother is great in literature but he does not like mathematics.

One of my daughters loves studio arts.She graduated from MSU last fall.


Publication of this questionnaire and responses does not imply an endorsement of a candidate.

Thank you for reading Rochester SAGE.  Together we can make a difference for gifted children!

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