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Questionnaire: MI State Senate District 13 – Ethan Baker (R)

August 1, 2014

Rochester SAGE sent a questionnaire to each candidate for State Senate District #13. Here are Ethan Baker’s responses.


1)      Currently most gifted students in Michigan’s public schools are not being taught at their academic level. As a legislator, what bills would you draft or support to increase gifted education?


It is a shame that gifted students often cannot get the academic support and challenging curriculum they need. I would be supportive of legislation that works to find solutions to this problem. Our public schools are faced with so many different types of students, but we must make sure all students are getting the tools and resources they need.  Gifted students should be no exception.


2)      Gifted students make up about 5-7% of the population. Should taking a class in teaching gifted students be part of becoming a Highly Qualified Teacher? Why or why not?


I think there should be a mandatory class, as it is important to have teachers that can recognize and understand the needs of gifted students.


3)      Schools often claim lack of funding is the primary reason they can’t provide gifted education. Should the state allocate funds for gifted education? Why or why not?


I believe funds could be allocated.  There is a lot of waste and bureaucracy that can and should be streamlined. Doing this will provide more money to the schools and children and I’d like to see some of that used specifically for gifted education.


4)      Should the state mandate identification or services for gifted and talented education in public schools? Why or why not?


No, I think this should be done at the local level only. Local school districts and administrators know the needs of their students better than the state does.


5)      Many parents of gifted children believe gifted charter schools are the best option for properly educating gifted learners. Would you support gifted charter schools? Why or why not?


I would support gifted charter schools if there is proper and adequate oversight and transparency.


Publication of this questionnaire and responses does not imply an endorsement of a candidate.

Thank you for reading Rochester SAGE.  Together we can make a difference for gifted children!


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